IREM Kentucky Chapter 59

Advancing the Principles of Professional Real Estate Management

Chapter Officers and Committees

IREM Kentucky Chapter 59



President:                                                  Travis Yates, CPM


President-Elect:                                        Janet Luesing, CPM


Vice President Finance:                           Karessa Knight, CAN 


Vice President Administration:               Shelby Arnold, CAN   


Past President:                                         Cheryl Shontz, CPM, ARM


Director-at-Large:                                     April Charlton, CPM


Director-at-Large:                                     Julia Smith, ARM, CAN



Admissions Contact:                               Travis Yates


Education Contact:                                  Travis Yates; Co Chair: Julia Smith

Income/Expense Contact:                       Karessa Knight
Program Chair:                                         Janet Luesing
Membership Chair:                                   Julia Smith

Public Relations Chair
:                            Janet Luesing

ARMS Committee:                                    Julia Smith

Chapter Awards Committee:                   Janet Luesing

Industry Partners Committee:                Janet Luesing 

Legislative Committee:                            Julia Smith; Guy Montgomery; Travis Yates